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Episode 26 

"Called Together the 

Ministry of your Marriage"

Episode 24 

"Who's Your Daddy"

"Episode 22 

Called to Serve"

Episode 20 

"Reducing Stress in Your Marriage"

Episode 25

"The Winning Hand of Marriage"

Episode 23 

"Transitions of Marriage"

Episode 21

"Facing the Mountains of Marriage"

Episode 19


Episode 18 

"Overcoming the Three Major Hurdles in your Marriage"

Episode 17 

"Navigating the Swamps of Marriage"

Episode 16 

"Resurrect Your Relationship"

Episode 15 


Episode 13 

"Why Should I Get Married"

Episode 14 

"What is a Mega Marriage?"

Episode 12 

"Let Me Off the Hook"

Episode 11 

"Let's Talk About Sex"

Episode 10 


Episode 8 

"Surviving the Hills and Valleys"

Episode 9

"Mega Marriage Team"

Episode 7 

"For Better or Worse"

Episode 6   

"What's The Secret Ingredient To A Mega Marriage"

Episode 4 

"Vantage Point"

Episode 2 "And the two shall become one"


Episode 5 

"The Heart of Forgiveness"

Episode 3 "The Art of Communication"


Episode 1 "Let's stay Together"


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